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Thread: Baby, You Can Drive my Car

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    Default Baby, You Can Drive my Car

    okay, so ridiculous journal name, right?
    well, WRONG.
    Drive My Car is a Beatles song (from the Rubber Soul album) and it's the tune that's been stuck in my head all day (and is pretty frequent on humming rotation). with every update, whether it be about music, life, or whatever, i'll add the "update hum song", which'll be whatever song that i can't seem to get out of my head.

    i guess i'll get the wheels moving by talking about my ambition to live off music. of course it's the most cliche thing for an almost 17 year old band-shirt wearing, big-haired "rocker" kid to say, but damnit, i believe in it.

    i started writing for real with just melodies, guitar, and lyrics, but recently i've been experimenting with my friends (almost all of which are musicians in some aspect), and although i'm beginning to gain confidence, i really want to get out of this rut i'm in. the rut being that my friend Macks and I, who jam on a constant basis and have written several unfinished diddies together, have yet to truly form a band or to play a show (which we're capable of doing if we actually practiced). Macks writes a load of his own material and uses his Boss BR-SomethingOrOther to record it (though he's an absolute anal perfectionist so nothing has been released), and has offered to let me use it, but our time schedules never seem to pan out where we can have a real "practice" or record anything we've written.

    Macks is an amazing musician (especially as a guitarist and for his age) and i've been told that my style and my personal feel is impressive and unique (though i know that Macks' style is much better). still, i can't seem to finish more than a song, and we've yet to record the one song we have almost entirely finished.

    well damn that was a lot.
    if you read that, HIGH FIVE!
    if not, trust me... i wouldn't.
    friends don't let friends get friends haircuts.

    it's just a choice right now, between fear... and love.

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    *high fives you back*

    I know what you mean about wanting to record your material, I have been wanting to do this for a while but I'm still waiting for the stars to align just right. I've never written any lyrics to any of the songs that I wrote on the guitar because I think I'm a bad singer...I guess my point is I think we know where our troubles lie musically, we just have to tackle the issue head on.

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    totally true, man. i have the ambition, but at the same time, i'm kind of just not being productive enough. i'm too social. i always feel the need to be with people or with my girlfriend and that takes way too much away from my writing.

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    Baby you can drive my car. Yes I'm gonna be a star. Baby you can drive my car
    And maybe I'll love you...Beep beep'm beep beep yeah...

    I love your journal title, and I knew instantly it was the Beatles song. It's been stuck in my head ever since I revised my Beatles list to 25 in DougN's thread!

    I encourage both you, and Cowboy to continue with writing and recording music. And, then SHARE. I wanna hear!

    *high fives on the way out*

    Loudest of Love

    I'm tied within
    I'm luck's last match struck
    In the pouring down wind

    ~Chris Cornell~

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    well high five to you both... at the same time.

    and yeah, since it's been blistering cold, and we've been unable (or not allowed :/) to jam in either of our houses, me, Macks and my friend Chris, who was on djembe, decided to set up in my shed and had a pretty sweet jam. there were totes and boxes everywhere but the acoustics sounded great and we improvised the majority of it.

    oops... song of the day!
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    Just wanted to pop in and say I absolutely LOVE your journal name. It really gets your attention.

    Anyway, definately post in the top 25 Beatles songs thread if you haven't already and never stop creating!!!!!!
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    Never felt so complete as when we're alone on the sand at night

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    thanks Dreams.

    and i posted in the Beatles thread. took me a bit, and it's probably way different than what other people are posting.

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    song of the day...
    Another Stranger Me by Blind Guardian.
    ^its a great metal song, reminiscent of Iron Maiden and the entire album kicks ass.

    so let's see...
    on saturday, the snow came down like hellfire, so i sat on my bed, looked out the window and played some guitar. i started playing chords i've never played before, and suddenly i had the basis for something that will hopefully become a song. although i haven't made any more progress than the beginning chord progression, i figure its a start. i had a chill jam with my good friend (drummer), and we worked on one of the heavier songs i've written. i'm having a really hard time getting anything done still, and that's just killing me.

    my girlfriend went skiing over the weekend, so i saw none of her. that's a pretty big bummer considering i always spend a pretty good amount of time with her on sundays.

    i just felt the need to update this, and sorry i have nothing interesting to say.

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    Where does your g/f go skiing?

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    she went to Camelback in the Poconos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jusinofresh View Post
    she went to Camelback in the Poconos.
    Niiice. I figured as much...really the only game in town. I've always wanted to go...but am really afraid I'll really screw myself up.

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    *looks for song of the day*

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    haha dreams, i know what you mean.

    and Trey, drumroll...
    One More Chance by the Notorious B.I.G.
    yeah, that's a little different, isn't it? i've been on a Biggie kick for a while, and i can't seem to stop listening to his Ready to Die album. its just rap at its best.

    i'll try to keep up with the songs of the day, for now, all i can say is..
    i'd have much rather seen the Colts win (because that's my poppop's team), but oh well.

    Trey, i'm sure you'll be disappointed that the song of the day isn't very Drive My Car-ish.

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    You need to post a youtube link for that song of the day. I don't have any BIG in my music library (I know you're shocked to hear that).

    I was rooting for the Saints. My teams were out of it, and everyone I was watching the game with was rooting for the Colts. I like being the one person in the room cheering the opposite way. And, I also like Drew Brees and Jeremy Shocky. I was happy to see them win.
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    I love Jeremy Shocky...but for very different reasons.

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