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Thread: I made a few vowel sounds, and ran off.

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    Unhappy I made a few vowel sounds, and ran off.

    Still having the Alica Keys song playing in my head.
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    Love your fear.

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    CONFIDENCE!!! What's the worst that could happen???

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    Well, the worst thing kinda happened :P
    #2 would be rejection. I don't like that.

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    the worst has already happened, then. It can only get better.

    Blurt something out? It would be a step up from "uhhhh...."

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    Maybe he was just as nervous as you. If you see him again, it's a sign...go say hi!!!!!

    You can thank us all later.
    Never felt so complete as when we're alone on the sand at night

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    FT, Zander and Dreams all gave you great advise. I agree with all of them. Try again.

    Loudest of Love

    I'm tied within
    I'm luck's last match struck
    In the pouring down wind

    ~Chris Cornell~

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    I saw him again! But I don't think it's going to work.. I messed up AGAIN.

    Me and my friend went shopping last week, after a hour or two, we made a short pit-stop at the McDonalds. I was standing in the line while she sat down already, just to save our seats. I was looking around smart(read as: looking around like your lost) again, just to get that special(special as in cute,not as in the shortbus) look. But then I forgot what my friend wanted so I turned around, and when I did, he was standing behind me! He looked at me, and recognized me I guess because he said: Hey. But somehow I again I got into full-retard mode and tried to say HI, but Hhhh came out and I ran off, again.

    Something's wrong with him, he's too cute xD

    Thanks for the tips everyone ^__^

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    Awww, Lockheart Dx It's cool that he recognised you, though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheaAVM View Post
    Awww, Lockheart Dx It's cool that he recognised you, though!
    Definately a good sign!

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