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    Default Cassandra's Crystal Ball

    Hey everyone,

    I love the idea of journals, so I thought I'd start up one myself... I like the idea of categories that some people put their journals in, I'm following their example therefore, I'm kind of a structure geek.

    A bit about myself first, I'm German, I'm 22, I've been playing the piano since I was 9, been writing music and lyrics since I was about 12 (with useful results since I was about 14; the age when my level of English was finally that good that it made sense - usually) and I usually listen to Pop, Hard Rock and Irish Folk the most. That doesn't mean I don't listen to other stuff though, my collection contains pretty much everything from Mozart to Metallica. The music I write is either piano only or piano with lyrics, and my piano teacher put it in the 'New Age' drawer.

    I thought I better don't put fixed categories as there's bound to be the problem of categories just not being filled that day, I'll make them up as I go along. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, be random...

    So then!

    30th March 2010

    Important things I did today:
    I was accepted for a tutoring job at my uni a while ago, so today I went to the office to hand in the last document they needed; my birth certificate. Since I'll be moving back to my parents' place in 3 months I also gave my landlord the written quitting notice for my flat. My plan for today is to get the rest of my active research for my Bachelor Thesis done - let's see if I manage. I'm just too good at procrastinating, and BubbleTown is so much more interesting right now...

    Musical Recommendation:

    At first I thought "Awww, sweet guitar!". Then I thought "Nice voice, the tune's a bit childish but sure stays in your head!". When the banjo started playing I thought "Oh my God, are you serious?!" and had a minor laughing fit... then I realised it actually fit the song really well! Now I regularly can't get that song out of my head. It's definitely an 'ear worm', as we call songs like that in German.

    Right now I'm listening to:
    EinsLive Radio and they're playing Ke$ha with Tik Tok. Love that song, it's just kinda sexy!

    The Weather:
    Cloudy but pretty warm (well for Germany anyway), when the sun comes out it's at least 20°C and I'm pretty sure it's gonna rain later as well. Also, when I went to uni earlier I was nearly blown away, the wind was howling through the street!

    Today's Smile:
    My stepdad calling me during his lunch break, talking about my admittance to my dream university and my plans within the next 7 months. I don't really have a good relationship with most of my family, I was extremely lucky with my mother, my stepdad (I always call him dad though as he is more of a dad for me than my real father... my father is my father, but mum's husband is totally my dad!) and my stepdad's parents though, so I cherish every moment when I can actually feel they care - something that the rest of my family doesn't show at all.

    Today's Frown:
    My cold may nearly be gone, but that it evolved from a sore throat and blocked nose to coughing didn't really make it any nicer... yuck!

    Prediction of the Day:
    I'm sure I won't find/look for an Easter present for my parents before Saturday...
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    Check out my journal and my musical crimes! Feedback is much appreciated!

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    Awww, Cass, you're STILL not feeling better?

    Well then in that case, I hope you recover 10000% soon!

    And I completely understand you about procrastination. It's just too easy! =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheaAVM View Post
    Awww, Cass, you're STILL not feeling better?

    Well then in that case, I hope you recover 10000% soon!
    Thanks I'm a lot better already in general, but that bloody cough became, as my mum phrased it, productive, and that's a bit yucky. Ah well, at least it's a sign that I should be rid of the whole thing around Easter

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    Mumford & Son are making quite the name for themselves. They actually played in the little place im from a couple of years back in a pub, not really the kind of music i usually go for but i like the guys voice.
    A trip to the England without a trip to Scotland.... is just a trip to England.

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    I have to make an addition to

    Important things I did today:
    I posted a song I wrote on here! Woot! And, what's even better, folks like it, yay! I mean, I like it, but it's more important that others do

    Also, I started making lists for what to do before or when moving to the UK in October... selling old uni books, taking stuff I don't need anymore home before moving back to my parents' place in June, putting together DVDs I want to take with me (WAY more than I thought but surprisingly not too many to take if I pack them in a space-saving way).

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    31st March 2010

    Important things I did today:
    I finished my last day at work. 'twas a mediocre day so by the end I was kind of happy it was my last, but it was lovely anyway because today I worked with my two favourite colleagues, one of who I had thought I wouldn't see her again before I left. We all agreed to exchange numbers and emails and that we'd definitely stay in contact. The important thing about that was that now I can invite them to the Summer Party me and my parents are planning at our house around August.

    I also now received a definite yes from my dream uni - no wondering and worrying, it IS a yes, I AM going to live in the UK for a year from October on. ... OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO LIVE IN THE UK!!!

    Musical Recommendation:
    Die Fantastischen Vier - Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld

    I'm afraid it's in German, but that doesn't make its lyrics any less great.

    Right now I'm listening to:
    My laptop's processor, as currently AVG is running its weekly virus scan.

    The Weather:
    It was really nice and sunny today but the wind still made it cold - and there was nothing of the rain they had predicted this morning. Might still come later though, as well as the thunderstorm they mentioned.

    Today's Smile:
    A customer being really disappointed when I told her it was my last day - she thought I actually worked full time! Ha, I must've been really good at my job today!

    Today's Frown:
    My coworker told me how he was too shy to ask his crush out today... he doesn't know I'VE got a crush on HIM!

    Prediction of the day:
    For the next 6 months I'll be making lists, lists, lists... lots of to-do and what-not-to-do and what-to-take and what-to-leave-home and what-to-keep-an-eye-on lists for the UK. I'm good at lists. I love lists. I love planning in general. WOOT I'M MOVING TO THE UK!!!

    Today's Challenge:
    SmokeScreen emailed me some notes to play on the piano yesterday and I really wasn't sure if I could play them... turns out, I can, easily - now I just need to perfect the whole thing and record it! Now I need to think about what other notes I want him to send me!

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    Cass, dear, where have you disappeared to? Dx Come baaack!

    Haha, hope you're doing alright =p

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    Hey, sorry I've vanished - I went to my parents' place over Easter and usually when I'm with them we're up to so much stuff I rarely get the chance to even be online You're all in my heart though

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    Hey guys, just a quick hello from me It's late and I'm tired so I won't say too much...

    Important things I did today:
    Look for flights to the UK for when I'm going there to study. Also, booking flights and a car for when me and my whole family are going to Wales in July. Apart from that 'twas all nonsense As always when I'm at home!

    Musical Recommendation:

    I trust many will know this but I always crack up at the first time all four panels are staffed, and at the facial expressions...

    Right now I'm listening to:
    The song above

    The Weather:
    Sun. 11.5°C. Wahey! Best day of the Easter weekend, they say, from tomorrow on it's all rain.

    Today's Smile:
    As I've posted in the Smile thread: Dancing to 80s music and singing to Bohemian Rhapsody with my parents at 1:30am.

    Also, I did not predict right about the Easter presents for my parents. Got them on Thursday already

    Today's Frown:
    Pain's starting again. Owch.

    Prediction of the Day:
    I will probably start actually WRITING my BA thesis way later than I intended to, i.e. today...

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    Default Definitely a madman with a box!

    5th March 2010

    Important things I did today:
    Take pictures. It seems since my mother bought that new super duper megabrilliant camera I can have her old super duper megabrilliant camera; so now I'm taking pictures of everything, as artfully as possible. Or not. Either way, I'm taking pics. Quoting my dad: "She'll be done working herself through every genre of photography in a minute, then we can go for a walk..." at the sight of me photographing my old proportion doll in front of the mice's cage.

    I want to show off. Yesterday, there was the annual Easter Fire, and of course I had the camera with me. These are the top pictures:

    I just love them because they look really scary and destructive, like a city being burnt down. This one is just for comparison - no one ever believes me how big our Easter Fire gets:

    I took these two at the fair that always comes with the fire:

    And since I took some more photos today no doubt a few will follow... anyway, on topic!

    Musical Recommendation:

    These guys are my favourite band, so bear with me when I post more videos than I usually do. I was at that gig (somewhere in the first row, of course! Those guys are SUCH flirts!) and it was just MINDBLOWING! I mean, all their gigs are, but that one was especially awesome! Hope to see them again on the 24th, that's when they perform again near my place... And Meff, their drummer, is awesome. This is proof:

    So much for today!

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    April 08, 2010

    Important things I did today:
    I made the cover page for my BA thesis. That's really about it... and I sorted out lots of photos. I mean, REALLY lots of photos. I took over 180 pictures yesterday; my 13-year-old neighbour girl told me to take pictures of everything she saw so I did it to not disappoint her and today I had to choose the best of that session... I think 4 or so were okay

    These two are still from yesterday, but they're definitely the best I took then:

    Oh by the way; for those who'd like to know what I look like - that's me (I usually have straight hair and this is the first time I managed to get decent curls after 2 hours of fighting with curlers):

    Musical Recommendation:

    The original version is already breathtaking, but when I first heard the acoustic version on Last.FM it completely blew me away. Gawd I want the chords so I can play it on the piano!

    Right now I'm listening to:
    Stromae - Alors On Danse

    The Weather:
    As opposed to the last few days it's cloudy. Overcast, as they say. And it's kinda cold too, even inside. Meh, I just hope tomorrow will be better because my mum wants to drive to Soest with me to do some architecture photography.

    Today's Smile:
    Seeing pictures from AGES ago while sorting them out. Also, that incredibly elaborate email I got yesterday from an admin at the UK university. Try getting a decent reply out of a German office worker, no chance! I asked the poor woman a hundred questions and she got back to me about EVERYTHING! And was so nice at the same time! No chance here! I so can't wait to move there!

    Today's Frown:
    The Weather. Wish I could sit in the garden and just be warm... I'm always cold anyway! *goes to make some hot tea*

    Cass, stop bloody procrastinating and get to your BA thesis damnit!

    Prediction of the Day:
    I'll spend way more time with photography than I can afford in the near future...

    Funny Anecdote:
    At my parents' place the light in the fridge is broken so I'm used to living with a dark fridge. When I moved to my own place 3 years ago sometime in the early morning I woke up and was still groggy, went to my fridge to get some milk... and got a horrible shock when I realised "Oh my god, I've left the light on in the fridge overnight! "

    When I realised what had just happened I couldn't stop laughing for about 15 minutes

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    Default We belong to the music, we don't answer to you!

    April 13, 2010

    Important things I did today:
    Since I think yesterday belongs to that still too - I went to the gym and today I have sore muscles and gee that feels good! Also, I handed in the last piece of paper my new employers need. Very important indeed. Then, I looked for scholarships for my new MA degree but the internet is somewhat unhelpful.
    And, the most important thing I did today: I started actually WRITING on my BA thesis. Yes. I did. Woot! Go me! And it's not an exact copy of my previous term paper either, wahey!

    Album Review - Timbaland: Shock Value II
    So, last Saturday, we were at Mediamarkt and I spontaneously thought I could listen to some albums again. Since I always like the things I hear on the radio that feature this guy, I had a listen. I liked. I bought. What I found very positive about this album even without listening is that it was available without any trappings like hardcover and booklet - I only need the music and if I don't have to pay a fortune for it I'll happily buy it legally.

    The album itself: 17 songs, all but one featuring another artist. Good value for 10€ I think. Mostly dance and club music, something I seem to be getting into lately - one can see I haven't been to the disco for ages and really need to dance again.
    Of those 17 songs, I find none completely useless (which sadly happens a lot when you buy an album), 5 average, 7 really good and 5 top!

    My favourites:
    We Belong To The Music (ft. Miley Cyrus - yes, I love that song, live with it)
    Timothy Where You Been (ft. Jet)
    Tomorrow In The Bottle (ft. Chad Kroeger - no surprise, Nickelback being my favourite band)
    Can You Feel It (ft. Esthero & Sebastian)
    Long Way Down (ft. Daughtry - again no surprise, I love Daughtry)

    Thus follows...

    Musical Recommendation:

    What I'm listening to right now:
    Said album. Said song. Not a sad song. Mwahaha, word play, I'm such a hero!

    The Weather:
    Overcast. Again. Bleh. It's somehow light, but you still can't really see the sun, it's kinda stupid.

    Today's Smile:
    The receptionist at my doctor's (she has the same surname as I do and it's quite a rare one, so that's a cute coincidence) saying to the doctor: "She could be my daughter... sadly she isn't."

    Today's Frown:
    I'm freezing. Bleh. That's cos I'm only wearing a t-shirt, I know, but I want summer now. Like, over 20°C summer!

    Book Review - Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney
    Yeah, Beowulf. I know, I'm crazy. But we had to read it for my seminar of Medieval Literature, so I thought I'd better get it over and done with and read it in one day. A fascinating poem, I must say.

    Story in short: Monster threatens Danes. Beowulf kills monster with his bare hands. Monster's mother threatens Danes. Beowulf kills monster's mother with a sword. Beowulf rules peacefully for 50 years. (Seriously, that sentence was in the poem, just like that. 3000 lines and 50 years pass with one. Awesome!) Dragon threatens country. Beowulf kills dragon but dies too. The end.

    The story itself is a heroic epic in the tradition of the Anglo-Saxons, set in Denmark mostly, and what is most remarkable about it is the detail the author, whoever it was, described everything with.
    It is also very interesting to know that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was the one who wrote the most epic review of that story in his time as a professor - because one can see very easily the ideas he drew from it and wrought his story of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings from. The ideas of ring-bearers being the rulers of the kingdoms is mentioned several times in the poem, the language is most similar, the relations of father and son ("Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow" and the like), the names, the poems within the poem just like the Elvish songs, the description of the fights, the scene where Beowulf ventures into the Dragon's cave - you find familiar elements all the time. The poem made me want to read LotR again.

    If you're a LotR fan; do yourself a favour and read a translation of Beowulf. You'll squee regularly and learn something about Anglo-Saxon literature and culture at the same time.

    What I also found very interesting - at uni we learned that Beowulf was written to illustrate what a warrior should be like: Loyal and courageous and they should be rewarded with treasure and fame for their deeds. What I hadn't expected was to see these 'lessons' actually written out in that wording, like "A warrior should be...". Probably the writer thought "If the ones who got lots of muscles but not so much brain don't get it subtly, better wave and scream".
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    Cass, you're back!

    An enjoyable read, as usual =p Yes, sore muscles make me feel pretty accomplished too... And well done for starting on your BA thesis, haha! Kick away that niggling urge to procrastinate!

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    I really really like that cat photo!
    Coffee Smell and Lilac Skin, Your Flame In Me

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    I have Alzheimers
    Cheese on toast

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    Default Show me your teeth!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheaAVM View Post
    Cass, you're back!

    An enjoyable read, as usual =p Yes, sore muscles make me feel pretty accomplished too... And well done for starting on your BA thesis, haha! Kick away that niggling urge to procrastinate!
    Yay someone actually reads this! Haha, I thought you were all bored to death!
    Quote Originally Posted by Vermilion View Post
    I really really like that cat photo!
    Thanks! Feel free to snatch!

    March 14, 2010

    Important things I did since the last post
    Change the title of this chategory. I tend to write here in the mornings now, there's not much of a 'today' happened yet then... I also started my new job yesterday; well, not really started but found out what I'll actually be doing - correct the homework of 130 students each week. Wahey.

    Musical Recommendation:

    Did I mention I'm a Lady Gaga fan? This is one of my favourites. Not THE favourite, but one. My favourite is Starstruck.

    My dad took me out for dinner last night and I took a really spectacular photo of him. Yay!

    None I could think of really, was a lovely day!

    Picture(s) of the Day:
    Last Sunday I took it upon me to take some pictures of my mice while they're still alive, they're very old and one is quite ill so it might die soon... this one's Max, the healthy one:

    Prediction of the Day:
    I doubt I'll get much done if I keep going online while doing my thesis. *sigh*
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