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    Woke up a few minutes ago and found my arm sleeping and my video uploaded to Youtube. Theres only a few hours left until my train leaves so I suppose I have to finish packing and shower and have some breakfast. I hope today won't be as bad as last week.

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    I've come home and settled down.
    Dinners is due in an hour and after that it's party time.
    I suppose I've gotta do laundry tomorrow so I'll have some clean clothes.
    Economy is a struggle but I'm getting by on borrowed money (thanks Mom!).

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    I just woke up and and as usual I turned on my computer the first thing I did.
    My colleague will come and pick me up in 1½ hour so I suppose I gotta finish packing and take a shower as well as have some breakfast. I borrowed a great book for the trip but I don't wanna finish it before I'm even on the road.

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