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Thread: A19tay92's music request journal

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    Default A19tay92's music request journal

    Hi, I am starting this to share music with the community. If you have a favorite band and you want some of their songs or albums, then just make a request and i will post it here! I will also post some of my favorite stuff so follow the forum if you are interested!

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    Quiet Riot- Metal Health - 1983

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    1. Metal Health
    2. Cum On Feel The Noize
    3. Don’t Wanna Let You Go
    4. Slick Black Cadillac
    5. Love’s A *****
    6. Breathless
    7. Run For Cover
    8. Battle Axe
    9. Let’s Get Crazy
    10. Thunderbird
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    i need taake's nattestid porten vid. the site i torrent off of dosent have it and i dont feel like making more accounts for one album. can you get this for me?
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    Whitesanke (1987)

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    1. Crying In The Rain
    2. Bad Boys
    3. Still Of The Night
    4. Here I Go Again
    5. Give Me All Your Love
    6. Is This Love
    7. Children Of The Night
    8. Straight For The Heart
    9. Don’t Turn Away

    Band Lineup (for recording):
    David Coverdale – Lead Vocals
    John Sykes – Guitars, Vocals
    Neil Murray – Bass
    Aynsley Dunbar – Drums

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    Taake - Nattestid Ser Porten Vid (1999) 320kbps

    Download Link-----
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    Nattestid Ser Porten Vid ("Night Sees the Wide Gate") is the first full-length album by Norwegian black metal band Taake (pronounced "Toh-keh" which means fog).

    The album was written entirely by Høst but he brought in a session musician, Tundra to perform bass and drums. "Nattestid..." is part I of a trilogy, all the writing on the CD and lyrics in the booklet are written in runes. All of the lyrics are sung in Norwegian. This album is now considered a classic.

    Artist: Taake
    Album: Nattestid Ser Porten Vid
    Release Date: December 7th, 1999
    Recorded in Grieghallen, 1997-98, with Pytten.
    Label: Wounded Love Records
    Catalog #: WLR015
    Genre: Black Metal
    Lyrical Theme(s): Darkness, Death, Autumn, Winter, Hell, Pain, Devil
    Origin: Norway

    Høst - Vocals, Guitar
    Frostein S. Arctander - Drums, Bass, Clean Vocals

    All songs composed by Høst.
    All lyrics written by Høst.

    Track Listing:
    1. Vid I 05:55
    2. Vid II 05:34
    3. Vid III 04:31
    4. Vid IV 04:35
    5. Vid V 04:10
    6. Vid VI 07:33
    7. Vid VII 09:37
    Total playing time 41:55

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    Sebastian Bach- Angel Down - 2007

    1. Angel Down
    2. You Don't Understand
    3. Back In The Saddle (feat. Axl Rose)
    4. (Love Is) A *****slap (feat. Axl Rose)
    5. Stuck Inside (feat. Axl Rose)
    6. American Metalhead
    7. Negative Light
    8. Live & Die
    9. By Your Side
    10. Our Love Is A Lie
    11. Take You Down With Me
    12. Stabbin' Daggers
    13. You Bring Me Down
    14. Falling Into You

    Download Link
    Sebastian Bach - Angel Down [2007].rar

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    Billy Currington-- Enjoy Yourself-- 2010

    Download Billy_Currington_-_Enjoy_Yourself.rar for free on

    Billy Currington’s ‘Enjoy Yourself’ is an upbeat blend of the country sound with a little pop rock. The album features 10 tracks that tackle traditional country topics of love, drinking and even fishing.
    With its blend of country, rock, and even a little island sound, 'Enjoy Yourself’ is a breezy album that features one toe-tapper song after the next and doesn’t get too serious about any of its subjects. Currington had the right idea in mind with the album’s title and it is one his fans are sure to enjoy.
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    How bout "If" by Glass Hammer

    "Never underestimate the capacity of simple minds to overcomplicate things." ~Me!

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    H.E.A.T-- Freedom Rock-- 2010

    Freedom Rock is the second studio album by the rock, glam group H.E.A.T. Released in 2010 by the record company StormVox.

    01 - Beg Beg Beg
    02 - Black Night
    03 - Danger Road
    04 - Shelter
    05 - We're Gonna Make It To The End
    06 - Stay
    07 - Nobody Loves You (Like I Do)
    08 - Everybody Wants To Be Someone
    09 - I Know What It Takes
    10 - Living In A Memory
    11 - Cast Away
    12 - I Can't Look The Other Way
    13 - Who Will Stop The Rain
    14 - Tonight (Bonus Track)

    Download Link-----
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    Glasshammer-- IF--- 2011

    Glass Hammer's newest album, "If", is not a work of original genius that comes around once in a decade or anything like that. Like the majority of music stuffed under the grand prog. umbrella, it is gleefully derivative of a number of bands of future past...and does not hide its intentions in neither the music, arrangement nor the vocal harmonies which permeate each part of this sextet.Hence, I apologize if I think the joy and starry-eyedness that this album brings to the table is a hell of a lot more digestable than Neal Morse and his incessant gospelling.
    This is a beautiful album that any fan of Yes will appreciate on its own merits.

    Download link-----

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    Lionville-- 2011

    Genre: Melodic Rock | AOR
    Year: 2011

    01. Here By My Side
    02. With You
    03. Center Of My Universe
    04. Thunder In Your Heart
    05. World Without Your Love
    06. Power Of My Dreams
    07. No End In Sight
    08. The Chosen Ones
    09. Over And Over Again
    10. Dreamhunter
    11. Say Goodbye

    Stefano Lionetti, founder and principal of the Lionville project, bares his influences with no apologies. Toto, Richard Marx, Survivor, Boulevard and Bad English inform Lionetti's ambitious and entertaining AOR melodic rock project. This self-titled project is a time warp into 80's melodic rock, a soundtrack for another teenage angst movie of the same decade.
    Arising from Italy, Lionville is Lionetti on lead and back vocals, some guitar and some keyboards with Lars Safsund (Work of Art, Enbound) also sharing vocals, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge of Forever, Eden's Curse) on keyboards, and Pierpaolo Monti (Shining Line) on drums. Numerous guests, known and unknown, were included in the project including fellow label mate Arabella Vantic (Alyson Avenue) for vocals, Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Chicago, Peter Cetera), Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Houston, Spin Gallery), and Eric Martensson (W.E.T., Eclipse).

    Download Link-----
    Get Lionville-2011 Lionville.rar on

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    tack for my download! ill think of some more!

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    oh! behemoths zio kia cultus! they dont have that one either! youre making my day, im trying to mp3 up some older albums i have on vinly etc but not on my systems.

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    Behemoth-- Zos Kia Cultus-- 2002

    When Behemoth really gets going, it truly sounds like World War III. Some of the most menacingly heavy and jaw-droppingly fast metal to ever be committed to tape, Zos Kia Cultus carves a swath of sonic violence that pulverizes everything in its path. That said, the sheer volume and velocity are a bit overwhelming to absorb at times, but the execution is exhilarating, and if you want to explore the limits of heaviness, this one is definitely pushing the envelope. It doesn't hurt that the band knows how to throw an effective slow part into the mix once in a while to make the fast parts seem even faster, or to use the occasional dash of fleeting melody to offset the disharmonious atonality. One listen to "Horns of Baphomet," the album's staggering opener, provides a harrowing glimpse of the band's terrifying heaviness that is sure to either reel you in or send you screaming.

    Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (2002).rar

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