My daughter is 3 years old... her name is Saiya Nico-Jane Moore and she is amazingly brilliant as well as psychotic.
She happens to have a natural talent for music, it's running thick through her veins... she has it in her to be great.
By the time she was a year old not only did she know her letters and sounds but she had a few songs memorized and not just children's songs but songs that her father & I listen to, like Tool, Blind Melon, Alice In Chains, Primus... she could carry a tune, she could harmonize and she could keep a rhythm... now by age 3 she has entire albums memorized and plays a mean harmonica.... total Blind Melon influence she loves them & so do I.... very soulful and blues sounding yet also grunge.
So far her biggest flaw and asset is her attitude... she's defiant, rebellious, and intelligent she also has great problem solving skills and will stop at nothing to get her way.... she has a very think for yourself question authority demeanor about her and it can both get her in trouble in life as well as give her the assertiveness and aggression she needs to go far and accomplish a great many things.
I really need a video of her playing the harmonica, she was doing so awesomely that my husband started fallowing her lead as he played acoustic guitar....