Air Snare Records proudly presents

MELLER Not For Hippies EP

Cat. No.: ASREP009
Release Date: 06.20.2011
Format: Digital
Cover design: Kaa
Genre: Progressive & Techno

Supported by
Sander Kleinenberg, Sharam, Moonbeam, Mango, Daniel Mehes,
Sasha Le Monnier, Arnold From Mumbai, James Warren, Pena,
Luke Porter, MiniTech Project, Ezequiel Marotte, Vinayak^a & many more.

1. Meller Lemon Goa (Original Mix)
2. Meller Uppercut (Original Mix)
3. Meller Poke (Original Mix

OUT NOW exclusively on Beatport :

Meller - Not For Hippies EP // VIP Ultima - Promo Sheet

In the tradition of keeping up with consecutive quality releases
through 2011, Air Snare Records presents to you a spanking new
explosive EP from Germany this month. Meller (Marco Scherer and DJ
Mel) do not follow conventions of electronic dance music by fusing
hard rocking tribal trance with a bold progressive sound. This brash &
rude mixture (without any puristic boundaries or frontiers) makes the
Meller sound stand out easily from the lot.

Not For Hippies EP contains three tracks with modern post-trance
ideologies that would easily find its way into any progressive/techno
DJ's crate. The first track, 'Lemon Goa', is full of swirling synths &
tough beats that would set your dancing pants on fire. Next,
'Uppercut', is a trippy peak time banger with a yummy percussive
drop midway that would make the crowds erupt into a certain
spontaneous music behavior (doing just what the voice in the track
says). And finally, 'Poke', is a bouncy bongo-tronic workout
guaranteed to get any crowd jacking, indoors & outdoors.


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