I cannot tell you how much I love this band. With each album, this indie rock quintet from Vancouver gets better and better culminating in the wonderful album Eureka released this year. Clearly more polished than their previous work on O My Heart and Touch Up (which are both well worth the listen), Eureka is mixed excellently and they seemed to have found the perfect blend of male and female vocals. Mother Mother is infectious, catchy, and oh so upbeat. They're poppy to the point that I would call them a guilty pleasure...if I was guilty about it. But one simply can't help but to enjoy their energy and trip the light fantastic right along with them. Of their many dance-able tunes, the ironic "My Baby Don't Dance" is one of my favorite. They deftly intertwine basic rock elements of guitar, bass, and set while adding organ and some well-timed hand claps. It seamlessly goes from light to heavy in all the right places to get your feet moving. And just when you think you can't dance harder, a thumping bass kicks in near the end. The band has its more serious moments, too, like in "Getaway," which is beautifully sung and enjoyable in their own right. The lyrics tend to be about love ("Simply Simple"), loneliness ("Far in Time"), and sex ("Calm Me Down"), but don't be fooled by their playfulness - they get more insightful than you'd think like on "Original Spin" and "Born in a Flash." This band is really put together and I hear their live show is incredible. Can't wait to witness it with my own eyes. See their schedule here MOTHER MOTHER Events & Shows on Myspace.

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