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Thread: Websites for Finding New Music

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    Default Websites for Finding New Music

    Hey Guys,

    So, I recently created a website dedicated to finding new, undiscovered music because I'm sick of listening to the same Top 100 for weeks at a time. It's called I'd really love to hear your feedback to make it easier to find new music. Thanks so much!

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    I did a search for and I did n`t find it.

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    I like all all this music.

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    <a hraf="">Music</a>

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    I hope the site goes well for you it looks really good!

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    Music Forums is a great site to find new music, that's my thoughts on the matter.

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    Try to find as much as places where you find the music.

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    priced916&#39;s Channel - YouTube i was sick of all the crap so i just started making my own underground revolutionary music. try some of this if you get a chance. fresh and free. always.

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    Hey guy! This is great man, I already found a couple new favourites on your site Keep up the good work!

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    Nice website. You don't have much on hip hop but great for one song. Favorite the website so I can keep checking up on it. Good Luck.

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    Thanks, pretty interesting idea. I had an idea for a list of top 500 Bands under 500 likes on Facebook. Scour the web and find cool bands, it would be alot of fun for the list creators and readers and would definetly help promote underpromoted musicians

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    Yeah it is a nice up to date wordpress there, but there is only two songs under the Pop category?! It needs content I would say. Otherwise looks and feels pretty. Good luck

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    Excellent listing and collection. I have heard and loved most of the songs you have listed on this site. There are some more which I was expecting to be in the list. But hope they will be there soon. Anyway, thanks a lot for giving your time preparing such nice list.
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