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Thread: Guns N' Roses To Reunite

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    Anyone excited about this?! I hope it goes through. Kinda sad leaving out izzy and adler though.

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    REALLY. I really doubt this rumor is true. Alx Rose and Slash are on very bitter terms. I actually like this band a lot especially during the Slash years. It is so sad that Alx Rose and Slash hate on each other. They can not stand each other. I wish this was true but it will not happen since Alx Rose and Slash are on bitter terms.

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    I have to say I have loved Guns n Roses since I was a kid.....To be completely
    honest, it blew my mind, took me back to my most treasured memories and made me happier than I could ever put into words.

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    I doubt Slash will be getting back together with Axl. Speaking of Slash though, has anyone heard anything about Slash joining the Crue Fest 3 lineup for this year? I wasn't sure if that was just talk or if he's actually doing it?

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    O hell i hope they dont, like said before axl and slash arnt on good terms, let alone what the other band memebers are like these days.

    This is one of those bands that should stay broken up, they had there time and it went down with a slam and still do, however they are dieing away i think dont hear much of there music these days.

    Overall i think that if they did join back up, it would fail after a few songs, fights, no passion in it and axl is a ...... you get me lol

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    Where's Izzy?
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    Hovering over the worlds Biggest Crack Pipe ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lad From the South View Post
    Hovering over the worlds Biggest Crack Pipe ?
    He got clean after 1989, so i doubt it..... Hmmm maybe in Timbuktu

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    Fact of the Matter is... we dont know

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    I miss Izzy :/ and Duff, and Steven, and Saul being in Guns N' Roses

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