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    Some say the best female vocal ever, pop - soul - R&B diva, Whitney Elizabeth Houston, died on Saturday, 11. 02. 2011. in Beverly Hills, California. She was found in her room in Beverly Hilton hotel at 3:55 p.m. Paramedics were trying to revive her for 20 minutes, unfortunately with no success.

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    RIP. whitney houston. All people who know you will never forget you. She has a pretty good voice a good singer.
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    RIP Whitney you had the voice of an angel

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    she had an amazing voice. RIP.
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    Tommorrow, there will be a saturday funeral serivce that will be televised on HLN. This is will be a interesting service indeed. I will pay attention. RIP Whitney Houston.

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    Whitney Houston really had an amazing voice. The music lives forever...
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