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Thread: G# chord in C# natural minor scale

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    Question G# chord in C# natural minor scale

    When playing around with the C# natural minor scale, I noticed that, if I turn the g# chord into a major chord, it sounds more natural than the minor chord. Also, the C note introduced by it also sounds very natural in the melody. Is there any reason for this?

    Btw, my knowledge of music theory is very limited, keed that in mind

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    No biggie..all that the C (actually B#) is doing in this instance, even when used in the G# (V) chord, is creating a harmonic minor tonality instead of natural minor.

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    What CoolBec said. The V is often used in natural minor progressions since it establishes a stronger resolution to i (V- i) because of the leading tone (major 7th).
    You have a pretty Fmaj7.

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    C note creates tension and tends to resolve to C# note in this case

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