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Thread: New comer to the world of music

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    Red face New comer to the world of music

    well to start off im gonna say hello to all. im a new comer to dealing with music iv all ways love a piano but never played one before but i need some help im an absolute novice when it come to reading sheet music is there any websites with the plain and simple notes e.g. d,e,g,b,a,g,b,a,g,e,d,e. im mostly a hands on person that tries to learn along the way

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    Free Online Piano Lessons - Learn How to Play Piano

    I know someone who gave that a go for a laugh once, now he can actually play. So i'd go for it!

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    You could try taking a sheet, photocopying it, then writing in the notes. It's one way to help learn the positions, but since I've never played the piano (I played the oboe in 6-8th grade and I try to lend my voice to small time projects) I wouldn't know exactly HOW helpful this could be. Just an idea, but, other than that, I don't know if I can be of any help.

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    Go to 8notes and browse their resources, they have some good stuff in the way of education.

    Also, what I recommend for learning the notes on the staff would be REPETITION. Write the notes, write them again, then when you have written them enough write them again. That way they'll drill into your brain with fluent ease. What I also recommend is while you do this is to find a way to hear the notes as well so that you get the feel for the notes and how they interact, not just what they are as dots on some lines, as that will help you musically in the long run.

    And remember, music takes DEDICATION.

    Ganbatte Kudasai!

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