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    Hey, Im new to this site and new to forums in general, but Im a music major, on a performance track in Classical guitar...and The school Im looking to move to is heavy on the I was wondering if someone could maybe explain basic principles or even give me some kind of excersise? I ordered the book Counterpoint by selzer and Shechner but I'm still waiting for it in the mail and I want to get started on this stuff right away...thanks alot to any who advise...Music

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    Both of those draw heavily from Fux's Gradus Ad Parnassum and you'll find references to it all over the place. I'd recommend getting it as you'd probably be advised to do so anyway, Johann Joseph Fux, Gradus Ad Parnassum (Eng) that's the best copy I could find online.
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    Check this out:
    Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online - Counterpoint

    Some of the links on the bottom lead to examples and some sheet music as well.

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    I think that counterpoint writing needs some good harmonic basics since superimposing melodic lines generates chords, melodic notes, note alterations and voice leading.

    I have learned counterpoint by first studiying Bach's chorals that seem harmonic at a first glance, but in which each of the 4 voices needs a real attention.

    For pure training, you should learn the basic rules and begin by superimposing 2 voices : Whole notes VS Whole notes, then 1 Wole note VS 2 half notes, 1whole note VS half note syncopations, 1 Whole note VS 4 quarter notes, and finally a mixing of these rhythms.

    Then you can continue by a 3 voice and 4 voice counterpoint.

    2 books could help you, in French but easily understandable :

    1. Traité de contrepoint rigoureux (authors : Noel gallon & Marcel *****)
    2. La composition musicale (Author : Yves feger)

    Good luck !

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