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    Genre: Drum & Bass / Folk / Psychedelic
    Location SK
    Record Label Hospital, Dysfunktional Audio
    Type of Label Indie

    B-complex aka Matúš Lenický is a producer hailing from Bratislava, Slovakia. His first musical attempts began in 1996, at the age of twelve. A passion and fascination of music led him through many genres. Beginning with Hardcore, Trance, Psytrance, progressing though to experimenting with down tempo and Hip-Hop. 2001 he discovered the album ‘Clockwork’ by ‘Stakka and Skynet.’ His journey with Drum and Bass music was born.

    Mato has a unique style, not trying to follow anyone but rather prefers to walk his own path. His Love and aim within Drum and Bass music is it’s pace and energy infused, whilst enjoying sophisticated melodies and harmonies.

    Some of his more notable songs are:

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