Logistics is the stage name of Matt Gresham, a liquid funk music producer and DJ from Cambridge, England. He is signed to Hospital Records and has been releasing music since 2004, which he creates using the Reason 3 and Cubase sequencers. His music style tends towards the more soul-influenced styles of drum & bass but also targeted at a club audience rather than a home audience, and is described as such by Hospital Records as “bridging the gap between a lacklustre sub-genre, liquid funk, and more exciting, dancefloor orientated drum and bass”. His older brother, Dan Gresham, known as Nu:Tone, is also a drum and bass producer signed to Hospital Records, with whom Matt collaborated under the name Nu:Logic before starting his career as a solo artist. They both still collaborate sometimes, both on producing and DJing.

After Exploding onto the scene with his first Hospital release “Replay” in March 2004, Logistics went full steam ahead. Next up was “Together” which can only be described as an anthem, smashing up dancefloors everywhere from Land’s End to John O Groats, it was finally released not only on the “Future Sound Of Cambridge EP” but also in VIP form as part of the mighty “Spacejam” EP, which continues to sell - many moons after its initial release.

As if this wasn’t enough the modern day boy wonder played a major part in the heavy “Weapons Of Mass Creation 2” LP; not only producing a hefty four of the tracks featured, but also being the official selector for the mix on disk 2.

With a Logistics remix now becoming one of the hottest things in drum and bass it didn’t take long before producers came knocking… remixes included, one for US house crew Mood To Swing for Zinc’s Bingo Label, a remix for Friction on Tru Playaz and don’t forget his seminal remix of Leviticus’s 90s classic “The Burial” for Liquid FUNK

Now in 2006 and established by IDJ as “Soulful D&B’s brightest young thing” Logistics is ready to unleash the 25 track monster debut, “Now More Than Ever”, showcasing two sides to this young prodigy in one fantastic album, “Believe the hype, this is the drum and bass debut of 2006.

On September 28th 2009 he has dropped his latest album titled “Crash, Bang, Wallop!” on Hospital Records.


Now More Than Ever (2006, Hospital Records & Third Ear Recordings)
Flashback / Can’t Let Go (2006, Hospital Records)
City Life EP (2006, Hospital Records)
Blackout / Krusty Bass Rinser (2006, Hospital Records)
Blackout / Bounce (2006, Hospital Records)
Beatbox Master / Girl From Mars (2006, Hospital Records)
Beatbox Master / Machine (2006, Hospital Records)
Weapons of Mass Creation 2 Sampler (2005, Hospital Records)
Uprock / Static (2005, M*A*S*H)
Release The Pressure EP (2005, Hospital Records)
Play the Game / Sin City (2005, Valve Recordings)
Surround / Deep Joy (2004, Brand.nu)
SpaceJam EP (2004, Hospital Records)
Millionaire / Front To Back (2004, Innerground Records)
I Want To Know / Hold On Be Strong (2004, Advance//d Recordings)
Free My Soul / Replay (2004, Hospital Records)
Come To You / Music (2004, Brand.nu)

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