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    RICHARD CATRIDGE was a musician before getting a break with the BBC in the Seventies. In a relatively short space of time he became a regional celebrity on BBC Radio Solent with his unique voice, style, and personality.
    He’s also worked for Radios’ 1 and 2, Classic FM, 2CRFM, Play Classical UK, Play Jazz UK and Play Talk UK.
    Richard had a top 50 hit single in 2004 called, “I’ve found love again”. Check it out in the Guinness book of hit singles! His children don’t really know what to make of it!
    He’s also toured the country with his legendary stage shows, with capacity crowds at every venue.
    His latest show with The Richard Cartridge Band is “The Rock and Roll Years”, humorous observations, recollections and music from a kid who grew up in the Fabulous 50’s, Swinging’ 60’s and Sensational 70’s!!!
    The production includes live performances of songs from his current album, “You Never Can Tell”
    He was commissioned by the American computer giant, Silicon graphics, to co-produce, script and host a number of presentations to introduce the first virtual reality platforms (CGI) to the United Kingdom and Europe. These were seen by professionals from various disciplines. Film and television, computer aided design and the manufacturing industry. The set was inspired by Pink Floyd's "The Wall", and the presentations were illustrated live on five screens. They took the show on the road to the major exhibition halls of London, Birmingham, Brussels and Geneva. Richard Cartridge Band the rock and roll years BBC Radio Solent
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