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Thread: Punk Rock Song/Video from around 2005

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    Default Punk Rock Song/Video from around 2005

    Hey, I've got this song on my mind and I just CAN'T remember the band who made it or the name of the song, however here's what I somewhat remember about it.

    The Video:

    - Some of it is in Black and White.
    - One or all of the members of the band is at a strip club at some point.
    - Remember something about someone playing the piano.
    - Also something about the police busting people.

    The Song:

    - Partial lyric, might be somewhat incorrect: "Is it not the way you like me?"

    Genre: Punk Rock (if memory serves)
    Year: 2005ish

    Hope that's enough to name it.

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    The song is called "But It's Better If You Do", by Panic at the Disco
    do you, do you wanna scream?

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