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Thread: Bitter to the Core release 9 Days Down

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    Default Bitter to the Core release 9 Days Down

    Bitter To The Core Records Presents...

    "9 Days Down"

    This is the second incarnation of 9 Days Down. This self proclaimed "British Groove Metal" quintet couldn't be closer to the truth with their tag. The groove is never lost in any song on the E.P., keeping our heads moving from start to finish, and did i mention old school solo's are here in abundance. After receiving the 4 track pre-master, it didn't leave the office CD player for weeks. The Es*** metallers seem to know exactly what they're doing when it comes to writing true honest metal while
    at the same time mixing many genres under their very British flag. The BTTC team met these guys after they played their second Bloodstock set in one weekend, being the only band in the festivals history to achieve this!!!

    The newer influences such as Chimaira & Lamb of God sit happily next to older influences like Testament, Exodus and Megadeth in the bands mix of old and new metal.

    Check out their website for more information:

    9 Days Down - British Groove Metal

    Released November 28th 2008

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