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Thread: BoA's New Single

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    Default BoA's New Single

    It's called Eat You Up. For those who haven't heard of it, check it out: YouTube - BoA - Eat You Up MV (Cha Ver.)

    Anyways, I personally think that it's a great song. My review:
    Beat: 5/5.. it's a great song to dance too and extremely catchy.
    Tune: 4/5. A bit repetitive, but that's okay. It adds to the catchiness!! I can just sing the chorus all day long.
    Lyrics: 2/5.. not the best and kinda trashy, but at least they make sense and aren't just a bunch of profanities and slurred words. Hey, not many people today care much about lyrics anyways~
    Vocals: 3/5 She's had much better songs that showcase off her beautiful and unique voice (YouTube - BoA - Everlasting (Korean Version Subbed)). But this is a dance song, and it's not like people really care that much about vocals anymore. lol but anyways, vocals don't matter much in dance/pop (or hip hop and rap for that matter).
    Choreography (I guess I should mention it): 5/5. EXCELLENT. Choreographed by the guy who worked with Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Omarion, etc.- Misha Gabriel. BoA's dancing and her dancers are pretty hot too. =]
    Overall: 4/5. A great single and a must-buy on iTunes (especially since it recently got upgraded to a higher quality AND it's only 0.99! lol).

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    I've only just started getting into K-Pop (mainly through TVXQ and MIROTIC), haven't heard much from BoA though, but what I've heard so far is great, and this is no exception.....
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    i like boa ..she has a great voice

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    i like it, but what are the chances of her really makign it out there as a korean artist? rain was almost there and he just dropped back down.

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    Default BoA...she's hot!

    If you haven’t heard of “Eat You Up” by BoA yet, you should…it’s a hit. Now she’s got a remix video to it with more solo dancing and more of her ***y self. Fontana

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    Default BoA I Did It For Love

    BoA is back in the game and about to blow up in the US of A! YouTube - BoA - I Did It For Love featuring Sean Garrett (Clip)
    If you liked “eat you up” you will love her new song. fontana

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    She's really heavily promoting her songs in clubs in and around LA. I see her a lot. I gotta say her stuff is perfect for clubbing. I don't get why it doesn't get that "club airtime" that it needs.

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