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Thread: Jesse McCartney: Departure Recharged. Check it out!

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    Default Jesse McCartney: Departure Recharged. Check it out!

    This is more for the non-fans but anybody please read. I know this seems long but please take time to read through it (you can skim if you want, just get the basic point) because in the end you’ll be glad you did. I’m really trying to promote Jesse McCartney’s new CD release coming out on April 7. It’s called “Departure: Recharged.” It includes 4 new song additions to Jesse’s 3rd solo album “Departure.” Songs that Jesse wrote and recorded back in February of 2009.

    Let’s get down the basic facts. Jesse McCartney is NOT a Disney Channel star (if that is what you’re thinking). Jesse is a singer-songwriter and actor who got his start on several Broadway shows at only the age of 7. He grew up in a musically inclined family and ever since he was 4 years old he knew he wanted to entertain. When he was 9, Jesse joined a Grammy Nominated group as the lead singer called the “Sugar Beats.” Yes it was a kid group who brought old songs back to life. A kid group that got nominated for a Grammy. Jesse McCartney was only 12 years old when he got his first Grammy nomination. Not only that but won several other awards. He moved on to be in a boy band at age 12 called “Dream Street”. He was chosen out of 500 other boys. Yes, 500. That means something unique stood out about Jesse. They went gold, then platinum and reached #1 on the Independent Charts. Jesse was also on the Daytime Soap Opera “All My Children” as Adam Chandler JR. In which he got 2 Emmy nominations for, 2 Young Artist Award wins, and Soap Opera Digest award. Soap Opera Digest even named him one of the best actors on Daytime television. He accomplished all of that before the age of 15. You all probably remember him as the “Beautiful Soul” singer. Yes he did sing that song. He got a multi-platinum plaque for the album too. He released 2 other successful albums as well while co-writing one of the biggest songs of 2008 called “Bleeding Love” which also got a Grammy Nomination. Not to mention a song of his own, “Leavin’” was the #2 most played song of 2008 and hit #1 on the charts.
    When it’s broken down, it’s easy to see that Jesse truly is talented. You can’t deny that. Please check out the new release, I PROMISE you that you won’t be disappointed. Being a fan of Jesse’s for almost 10 years now, I can honestly say he’s never disappointed me. I am not some 13 year old girl, I am at a reasonable age where I understand what good music is. There are a few things about Jesse that us fans know that others don’t. One important thing being that Jesse’s career means so much to him. He wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now because this is what he loves doing. He works so incredibly hard on every album and puts all he’s got into his songs. Yes, Jesse does write his own songs and his lyrics are GREAT. His voice is amazing and so smooth. There’s no unprofessional breathing coming from him and he nails every song amazingly well. He also puts on great performances and shows every time and sounds even better live. He’s very energetic and loves entertaining. We know that this means so much to him, especially now, and we want to let other people who haven’t heard Jesse or never gave him a chance to realize that. Jesse is an artist. He’s not a teeny bopper idol. He takes what he does seriously and wants to be taken as a serious artist.

    So as a loyal, dedicated fan for almost 10 years, I ask you to PLEASE help Jesse out and buy “Departure Recharged” at your local music store: Kmart, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. Or Jesse's website. His song leaks got so out of hand with his last release and we don’t want it to happen again. (Meaning, his songs were released before the album and they were up for illegal free downloading). It would just mean so much to, not just the fans, but Jesse himself. As I said, he really does appreciate the support so please give him some credit. Give him a listen and, you never know, you might grow to love him.

    Also please help promote Jesse’s latest single “How Do You Sleep?” and PLEASE help get his next new single started called, “Body Language.” I know Jesse would really appreciate all of our help. He thanks each and every one of his fans all the time. Please help and support Jesse’s next release. After all the work and effort he’s put into his career over the years, he truly deserves it. I hope reading this really changes some people’s opinions on Jesse.

    Tuesday, April 7 2009, Departure Recharged. Please get out there and BUY IT. Whenever you can get the chance, check out his music, as I stated before it will not disappoint. I promise.

    If you read this and decide to give Jesse a chance and buy the new album, please reply back on a positive note. Also, sorry if I sounded like a broken record a few times. I’m just really trying help Jesse and get the recognition he deserves.

    Thank You. :]

    (This is the album cover, look out for it.)

    April 7, 2009.
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    I like a few of his songs.
    let's dance the night away

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