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Thread: 50 cent War Angel New 2009!! What u guys think?

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    Cool 50 cent War Angel New 2009!! What u guys think?

    1.50 Cent - I Line
    2.50 Cent - Talking In Codes
    3.50 Cent - Ok, You're Right
    4.50 Cent - RedRum
    5.50 Cent - CREAM 2K9
    6.50 Cent - Ill Do Anything
    7.50 Cent - London Girl
    8.50 Cent - Better Come On Your A Game
    9.50 Cent - Get The Message
    10.50 Cent - Cocaine
    11.50 Cent - I Gotta Wil

    Guys tell me what u trhik!!!
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    I changed your post a bit to fit the rules. No twitter allowed.

    Also don't post 2ce. I know your post didn't show up in the forums, I understand you tried to repost it, but next time just post once and be patient. As a new member all your posts that have links in it or images, need to be approved by a moderator..

    One for all and all for adore !

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