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    so i had just got the new Black eyed peas album entitled "the e.n.d" and im really blown away about how much they have changed. I have pretty much lost faith in the hip-hop group since they added that blonde... their first major hit cd being "behind the front" sounds like a complete 180 to the music being produced today. IT SEEMS AS THOUGH EVERY HOT OR POPULAR RAP/HIPHOP GROUP IS BLOWING UP WAY TOO FAST BECAUSE THEY ARE ONLY USING "AUTOTUNE" ON MOST OF THE TRACKS ON THE CD. Cher was one of the first people to use the talkbox effect. and then Lil' Wayne used it and HOLY CRAP NOW EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOM USES FRIGGIN AUTOTUNE. that plugin takes ALL of the talent out of the production of singing and having to have good pitch in your voice.... sorry its just upsetting to me how now talentless *****s are on the radio making millions. "Yea we were kickass, COMPARED TO BULLSHIT!!!!! But think of the GREATS like Beethoven." - Jack Black/tenacious d and the pick of destiny/-- THATS ****ING TALENT. ide like lil wayne compose a piece of music WITHOUT A ****ING COMPUTER... wont happen. anywho ...

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    Yeah, either there will be an autotune backlash (which there are signs of) or in the future hip-hop will be sung by robots. Which in some cases it might as well be.

    that's why I stick to artists with clearly audible human frailties- At least for now I know it's people singing to me.

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    we need good old rock and roll

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    I like some of the old school BEP, but I agree, pop and rap music as a whole has completely lost it's way. with technology today it no longer takes any talent to make a beat and throw some lame rhymes ontop of it. but like a couple of the members here I like to look at it with the big picture. 20 years, hell even 10 years from now their music will still be a flop and soon forgotten.

    old school bone thugs, master p, and warren g is where it's at man. I've said this a few times and I'll reiterate, rap and R&B has lost it's way, there was a time when it had a message, a story about struggle and hardship and coming out on top. nowadays it's all about betchez and hoes and money and ice and what size rimz you have on your six fo.

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    Not everything has to to be serious and deep to be quality. Just dance and experience some escapism for once. BEP are the kings of escapism without sacrificing quality. You have a real singer in Fergie, a real studio maven in Will.I.Am. and two completely different styles in and Taboo. As far as autotune if a group proves that they can perform without it then why can't they play around with it on one album. It's a creative tool that adds an effect that can be used for good or bad just like an instrument can be used for better or worse. Personally, I think "The E.N.D." is BEPs best effort yet and I have all their stuff to compare. It's just their most outrageous excercise in once again "escapism" and I can't help but want to hit the dance floor when I hear it. I think the voices for the recession aren't singer songwriters this time! It's the modern dance floor movement that's letting people have a good time and forget their woes! BEP has joined Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Flo-Rida, T.I. and others for this movement like it or not! In Forrest Gump voice: "I like it ah lot!"

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