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Thread: Sound effects and music help

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    Default Sound effects and music help

    I'm in desperate need of help on the following;
    - Sound effects that are street sounds that would suit the 18th century, etc. I haven't been able to find any that don't have sirens or cars in the background.
    - Elizabethan music that sounds like post-rock. In all seriousness. I'm doing an english major that's a speech, and I want tumultuous, brooding music in the background to set the mood. My teacher is adamant that the music I include has to be from the time my speech is set, (which isn't a requirement, but anyway) and so I can't use any GY!BE like I wanted to, but oh well. Doesn't really have to sound like post-rock, but as you can tell I really have no experience with this era in music.

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    I'll send some thing on the fly via PM
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