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Thread: My mxl mic isn't working

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    Default My mxl mic isn't working

    Ok, I have a problem with my equipment. First I am going to list all my equipment and the situation. I have an MXL 990 microphone and an Audio Buddy direct box (hooked up to my SB X-Fi Soundblaster sound card with a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter). Everything usually goes well. I hook up my guitar to the line level inputs and record, and I hook up the mic to the xlr and sing. Earlier today, everything was going fine, I went into Ableton Live and the mic wasn't picking up my voice.

    The sound was distorted and sound wouldn't regularly come out. I tried to change the adapter, but that didn't work. I changed the cable, but that didn't work either. I also worked on some different computer configurations, but that wouldn't work.

    In my audio buddy whenever a signal comes through it a green light lights up. And even though the sound was distorted through my speakers, and the waveform in ableton was all jacked up, it seemed like the Audio Buddy was picking up my signal, but ableton live wasn't picking it up. This leads me to believe the mic and direct box are working, but something internal in the computer isn't working, or the output isn't working on the direct box.

    Has anyone else ever had this problem, is it a problem with the brand (mxl or m-audio I highly doubt it), or do I just need to do a different configuration? Any help would be thoroughly appreciated. Thanx.

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    try swapping out your soundcard. what kind of computer are you running it into? into what kind of connection?

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