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    Default Music software for this song

    Hello all!

    Do you know what music software is capable of producing this music from scratch? (No external devices, software only)

    YouTube - Sad song

    YouTube - Magical World

    YouTube - Sad piano song 2

    Do you know if Sony ACID pro 7.0 can produce such music?

    Thanks so much.

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    ,,,but you already knew that ....didn't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzoid View Post

    ,,,but you already knew that ....didn't you?

    Thank you for confirming. I actually have a free trial of the Sony software, but it is hard to learn and I just wanted to make sure before I buy the full version. Does anyone have any experience with this software?

    Its quite amazing on what you can do on your PC these days.

    Thanks so much.

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    Exclamation Acid Recommendations

    I have a little experience (acid 4)and its not as hard as it seems. I assume you mean Acid 7, and its a simple click and drag system(dragging samples or full tracks to cut) based on a 4/4 count as well as BPM (Beats per minute), basically experimentation is your best friend. I could get into music theory but we'll save that for later in case you ask.


    Here's a sample, me and a friend made (with acid 4.0 and fruity loops trial edition) and the best thing I could do for ya is give you the samples I have. But there are so many on the internet(search free samples or copyright free samples) it would be moot, so listen, try to understand how it was done and try to do something similar. It will come out different even if you try to copy it exactly.

    That's one of the great things about music. Have fun!!

    PS- I also recommend finding a free program to test beat making and another one to test cutting, cutting samples out of tracks is one of the best ways to make music. Maybe even a MIDI programming program(MIDI is the basic synths you hear in most tracks), but that's optional. The first 2 will help immensely and should help you along. IMHO
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    The software doesn't means anything - everything depends on you only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Storm View Post
    The software doesn't means anything - everything depends on you only
    yeah, beatboxin's the way to go!
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