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Thread: How to Convert Youtube Videos to mp3 or MP4, 3GP, FLV and AVI (DivX) for free

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    Default How to Convert Youtube Videos to mp3 or MP4, 3GP, FLV and AVI (DivX) for free

    This Post's useful for music-lovers and anyone spending too much times in searching about software for youtube videos convert. What to do if you are not been able to find your favorite music but it's uploaded and available in youtube. many tools available online for converts youtube videos to mp3 and others format. but sometimes these tools not work due to the change of TOS of video sites or something else . and also there's some softwares are also available for this purpose but most of them are paid softwares and need to buy them or they'll take much time and make your pc so slow.

    but today i have a fast and esay online service can convert youtube videos to mp3 and mp4 for Ipod , iphone ... also 3GP for cellphone +FLV and avi (Divx) and all that in less than 60 seconds and free .

    so here are the steps to use it :
    1- Copy The URL of your music for exmple from Youtube.
    2- go to Free Online YouTube to MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, AVI Converter and put the url of video there .
    3- Click on convert button and you will see the opration of converting your video
    4- after converting is done u can download your files

    thats all , i hope it was useful and esay
    thank you and have a nice day
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    hey Janeene, this is a pretty useful too and is completely legit. thanks for posting it

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    Mmm I personally use Free Studio Manager. This program has a lot of DVDvideosoft functions and it has very high quality features (ie - the youtube to mp3 can do mp3 files of 256 kbps)

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    ^thanks for the links you guys
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