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Thread: sharing : a fun but effective idea from a French violin professor

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    Default sharing : a fun but effective idea from a French violin professor

    Here is a video for violinists, who explains a fun but effective idea to learn and improve the holding of the bow ( explain by a french violin professor )

    YouTube - tenue d'archet avec balle ping-pong - méthode Lesseur

    (You can also find this video by typing "bow ball" or "archet balle" in Youtube)

    ... and if you enjoyed sharing, think "to note" and put a little comment on the video in Youtube.


    olivier LESSEUR, french violin professor ( FRANCE )

    note >> here is the translation of the text of the vidéo :

    Place a ping-pong ball in the middle of your right hand and wrap it with your thumb. The latter must take on the shape of the ball loosely. Now take the bow while keeping the ball in hand and you'll have a correct holding of the bow to start playing. @ A ping-pong ball weighing about 2 grammes, you can easily keep it in hand while playing. This exercice aims at teaching roundness in the holding of the bow. The violinists who are not beginners may use it to learn the roundness of the thumb, which must be rounded. You must not tighten the ball, as if it were an egg. Please do the following exercise in front of a mirror, to push and pull correctly the bow more easily, while taking care not to hold the wand tight for a flexible and mobile wrist.

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    What if your using the German Technique though? Any helpful hints on that? Keep in mind i play bass(if that helps any)

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