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    Hiya :] I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of program you need on your computer or how you'd go about making youtube videos like this:

    YouTube - Boys Like Girls/Taylor Swift - Two Is Better Than One [FREE MP3 on PureVolume!!!]

    or even something simpler like this:

    YouTube - Too Far Away -- Demo

    I've ordered a proper mic and I wanted to put piano and guitar in my videos.
    Help will be seriously appreciated, I've messaged a couple of people on youtube asking about it before but none of them replied ):
    Oh and sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to put it.

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    I would think Windows Movie Maker would be able to do the split screens, fading in and out and whatever else you wanted to try out.

    That is if you're using a PC, if you're using a Mac there's probably an equivelant on there. Ive never used the program but it comes as software in most cases im sure. I know i have it anyway lol.
    Like i said ive never really used it so i dunno how advanced it is, but im sure you can watch a few tutorials on youtube and learn how to do it yourself.
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    Hmm I've tried adding guitar with windows movie maker before and it lagged a lot so it was all out of sync ): Maybe its just my bad editing skills haha. I'll give it another go! Thanks though!

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    Have a wee look at this vid and see if it helps (starts at 1:30, he just talks before that, lol). He talks about syncing up the audio to the video images better.

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    Thanks! That helped :]

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    WMM, Maybe adobe has something out, I'm sure if you just google video editing software you'll be bound to find something.

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