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    Hey guys,

    I like playing guitar and I have couple of songs, right now I record them using garageband on my mac, to record guitar I use line-in to record voice, i use mac built in microphone, I also have an acoustic guitar. The quality isn't the that good for vocals and acoustics, so I'd like to buy mayself a mic for about 100-600 bucks. Can you please recommend me a mic which is good for: Vocal Recording, Acoustic Guitar recording, electric guitar recording (if i put it next to an amp, not line in) and other instruments recording like a trumpet or something. Right now my eye is on samson g-track.

    Thanx for the advise

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    I have a Behringer C3, Dual Large Diaphragm...totally awesome for everything I have needed it for (which includes everything on your list and more - even nature recording (field)...

    They have a new model now, but C3's can still be found (try Long & McQuade)

    Now...ready for this?....$89.00 get 2 for stereo recording.

    I guarantee you will love it!!!

    *Even comes with a hard shell, dye-cut case and clip, I think the new models are slightly more, but come with a shock-mount as well.

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    shure ms58, audix om5 and at-2020 are some good mic's to put in your cabinet @ that budget.
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    AKG C3000B would be my choice to cover voice, acoustc guitar and guitar amps. Alternatively a AT2020 would be a solid choice, Rode NT2, or buy two mics, if budget is tight, try NT1 and an SM57

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