A few years ago I bought a very nice Yamaha AW16g multitrack recording unit. I was fed up with going to dark dirty studios in rough parts of town, paying an arm and a leg, being laughed at for my taste in music, always working against the clock and being constantly disappointed by the results.

I have been messing about with home studios for over 20 years, starting with double speed cassette based 4 track recorders which I still have. I did one album on my 16 track home studio and it paid for itself many times over, it was fun, cheap to do and I could pretend to be Phil Spector & get totally obsessed by mixing & editing. I never shot anybody though.

Since then it has been sitting in its box and what I want to do now is have a go at recording people live. I have decent mics, stands a loom and the capability to record 8 tracks at 16 bit 44Khz which sounds very warm and solid.

Ever listening to the Frank Zappa 'You can't do that onstage any more' series of CDs in the 90s I strongly believed that all bands should record every single live performance, even with a little stereo mic in the hall. It could have historic significance and provide an income in the future.

What I want to do is find musicians who are going to be recording at venues in and around London. I can record everything from single artists up to a four piece band, choirs and orchestras. The idea is to do one or two test mixes and give you your multitrack recording as .wav files which you can mix anywhere, or I can mix it if you like. If you don't mind taking part in something that is something of an experiment it could sound really good and if you are playing original work then I would like to hear from you. This is a free service of course.

Please mail me direct at [email protected]