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Thread: Can anybody help me?

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    Exclamation Can anybody help me?

    Ok. I might sound cheap, but I honestly don't want to pay for a expensive music editing software that Im not going to make any future use of it. So my question is: Is there a free program/software that can edit music from my itunes library, for example. We (my band) already finished our recording, but I was so stupid not to tell the producer that I didn't like the way my snare sound. He made it sound nothing like the real sound was. On the cd the snare sounds like if the top head was just finger tightened, and I wanted it more crispier. So is there any software that can probably enable me to change my snare hits a bit more crispy? Please help me. The guy said that if I wanted to change the sound it was going to cost me a bit. He would charge me $50 per hr, and it would take some time. Please help me.

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    Yes, if you editing sound Audacity may be helpful. Just search it on google (it's free.) Also for a free recording/editing/etc. program Mixcraft 5 is very good and free for 30 days of MP3 exporting and then you have to pay for exporting, but I would probably recommend Mixcraft.

    Good Luck!

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