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Thread: Any german members here?

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    Default Any german members here?

    Hello everyone

    I need help identifying a song in German - I hear the words but can't ID the song, not even with Google, and was wondering if there are German members here that can help me.

    Thanks in advance

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    Try identifying it in english. This could be critical especially if you dont speak german.

    Sorry , thats my literal personality getting to my typing fingers first- Can you post what you can make out of the lyrics as best you can
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    Default Here goes nothing...

    It's some kind of song like the ones you hear in the Eurovision - the artist is German or maybe swiss as friends of mine had heard that song on the radio while they were traveling in Switzerland - maybe some sort of country song there, I don't know...

    Words from the chorus: " Und wir sollten soll eine himmelschleich (can't be sure I wrote it correctly) neben mir fruhling... lass mich schlimm..."

    sorry, that's wahat I could identify. If any German member here can help, it will be greatly appreciated.
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    male or female artist.
    does it sound like counntry

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    No, it's not that one.

    BTW - this song reminds a little of the opening song for the movie "The Neverending Story", if anyone here has seen it. here - Die unendliche Geschichte (1984).
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    Is it a group
    Male or Female artist?

    Heres another try. Not much to go on

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    No, It's that one either.

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    Is it a group
    Male or Female artist?

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    I think it's a group, maybe just a dou. The singer is female.

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    it's not easy to identify...unfortunately the lyrics that you wrote don't really make sense...have you found more infos about this song?
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    Hi! I am German -- but I can't figure what the words might mean. As orelie white said, they don't really make sense ... Sorry.
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    I'm German, and I fear I can't help you yet either... it's just too vague, I'm sorry
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    yeah I know German, too. But like everyone said the words don't make sense.
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    The lyrics don't really fit yours, but this song is the one I thought of when you said it sounded like the one played in "The Neverending Story". Also, I presume the song is quite new due to the fact that you mentioned the Eurovision Song Contest.

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