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Thread: Can you translate these lyrics from Italian to English?

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    Default Can you translate these lyrics from Italian to English?

    I heard this song at the end of a Sopranos episode.

    L'aurora, a ferir nel volto,
    Serena, fra le fronde, viemme
    Celato in un aspro verno
    Tu viso, il sdego lo diemme

    Silentio, augei d'horrore !
    Or grido e pur non ô lingua...
    Silentio, 'l amor mi distrugge,
    Il mio sol si perde,
    Guerra, non ô da far

    Vedi Maria
    Vedi Maria
    Ardenda in verno
    Tenir le, vorrei
    Il carro stellato!

    In pregion, or m'â gelosia
    Veggio, senza occhi miei
    Il canto, ormai non mi sferra e nuda, scalzo fra gli stecchi

    Aspecto, ne pur pace trovo
    E spesso, bramo di perir
    Aitarme, col tan' dolce spirto
    Ond'io non posso E non posso vivir
    I need someone fluent in Italian to translate this. The online translators don't do well.
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    its like this to the exact

    The dawn, to hurt in the face,
    Serene, between the rebellions, viemme
    Hidden in sour verno
    You ace, sdego diemme
    the Silentio, augei of horrore!
    Or outcry and also not ô language…
    Silentio, 'l amor destroys to me,
    mine sol gets lost,
    War, ô not to make
    Sees Maria
    Sees Maria
    Ardenda in verno
    Tenir, would want
    the stellato wagon!
    In pregion, or m'â Veggio
    jealousy, without eyes mine
    the song, by now does not deliver to me and knot, barefoot between stecchi
    the Aspecto, also peace I find some
    and often, I covet to perish
    Aitarme, with tan' sweet spirto
    the Ond'io I cannot and I cannot vivir

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    Wow, no. Im sorry. Hope you find it tho!!

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