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Thread: I'm looking for a hindi movie's song

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    Default I'm looking for a hindi movie's song

    I heard the song 10 years ago in a hindi movie. i'm not sure about the movie's name it seemd to be Preeti or Preethi I can't remember.

    the words I remember was:

    Preety j'taime mercy bocu bocu
    Rahul (or Radu) j'taime mercy bocu bocu

    Somebody told me that the artists are Lata and Kishore Kumar but i can't find the song or movie.

    I have got a fragment of song recorded if you want to help me please contact me theeuropoid nd I'll send you the song.

    Thank you for any help please respond me it is a very nice song and the actress was very beautiful too. I remember it was a romantic movie with 2 lovers in principal role.

    please tell me the movie or/and the song.

    Thank you

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    Default RE:I'm looking for a hindi movie's song

    I think this movie should be CHOORI CHOORI CHUPKE CHUPKE.tHANKYOU.

    Sreevysh corp

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