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    A couple of weeks ago I bought a Roland Fantom G series keyboard. It is supposed to be one of the best keyboards on the market. I am enjoying it immensely, but it is overwhelming the amount of stuff you can do and learning how to program the thing. I just don't know where to start a lot of the time...I've learned how to go through all the patches and the studio sets (layered patches) so I'm good with navigating that, but man...the rest of it...such as using the sequencer, sampling, downloading more audio samples...I'm just overwhelmed with it. The manual kind of goes through the basics. As for in-depth not enough.

    Anyone else deal with this keyboard that can tell me your process of dealing with the learning curve on this thing?

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    I am using a Fantom in 2 weeks...I'll have a bit of time to look it over...see what I can figure out for ya. I have a knack for figuring out gear.

    I always keep my manuals "in the sh!tter" place for them.

    Roland usually does things the "Roland" way...and I am a Roland guy, so I'm sure I can get you through it.

    If you can send me a list of specific questions, I can forward it to the owner of the Fantom...he knows it like the back of his hand.

    But for me...the best thing is just trying buttons, see what they do.

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    Thanks! I do appreciate that.

    As for questions...I have today off work and my kid will be in school so I'll play around with it today and when I get stumped I'll write my questions down and let you know. One question I do have from last night has to do with importing audio-such as .wav files. Is there a way I can convert these .wav files to a smaller format that the Fantom will recognize so they don't use up so much room? Also, I was able to kind of accidentally import a bunch of wav samples and now I'm not sure how to delete them off my Fantom.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Well, I know that iTunes can transform Wav files into MP3. I do it all the time with my music. I don't know if it'll work in your case but it works for me. Download iTunes if you haven't already (it's free) and look on Google to see how to do it. I believe Apple has a guide on their site telling you how it's done.

    And wow, a Fantom. Is it a Fantom G8? Those things look totally awesome. The only other keyboard on the market that can even come close in quality is apparently the Yamaha Motif XF8, from what I've heard. So yeah, the Fantom is easily the best of the best. Use it well, 4 grand doesn't come easily. Consider me thoroughly jealous, lol.

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