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    Im trying to remember what movie Erin McCarley’s “Save The Empty” is featured on, does anyone remember?? I’m really anticipating her album at the top of the year and seeing her on Stripped really impressed me. UMGD
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    Default Erin McCarley

    Did anyone catch Erin McCarley’s live performance on clear channels stripped. She killed it and did you guys hear the feedback! 750+ Radio Stations, Videos & More. This has all the coverage on her if your unfamiliar with her. Her song Love, Save the empty is featured in the upcoming movie He’s just not that into you, crazy right? Umgd

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    I know where I can get a free 30 seecond sample, what's her signature track?

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    Try her song "Pony" I believe it's her single. But my favorite of hers is Love, Save the empty. So check those's out and let me know what you think.

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    Erin McCarley is AMAZING!!!

    What's even more amazing is that today ONLY, No Ad Links is selling her album for only $1.99. Can't beat that! Trust me, it's the best 2 bucks you'll spend this year
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    Default amazing new artist Erin McCarley

    A lot of my friends have been listening to Erin McCarley lately. She’s a fairly new UMGD artist, but she has an amazing sound and catchy rhythms. I heard her song “Love, Save the Empty” on a preview for that new movie coming out He’s Just Not that Into You.
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    I really like Erin! Just when you think the song sucks, she picks it up! I mean, all of her songs are interesting. I thought I would be disappointed on the first listen. I wasn't! I love "Love save the empty". Catchy tune!

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