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Thread: MetroStation

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    Default MetroStation

    what is the deal with them only one good song shake it

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    I like Metro Station.

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    okay.... cool i mean they arent bad but only one really popular song

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    They actually have 3.

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    UGh! Seriously?

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    I know quiet a few people who like them including myself.
    Is that so wrong?

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    No not at all. I was just making sure. That's all. It's not a crime to like something or someone. More power to you. However, You know their kinda like an amped up Hanson.

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    Yes,I'm awaire of that.
    They're not my favorite band anyways....
    So,I don't care what people say cuz people can say what they want about them and it won't "crush" me.


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    I'm not looking to crush you at all. We all connect with different music for different reasons. You stick by your guns and that's all right in my book.

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    ummm,Thanks man!

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    yeah,they are good,i like them!
    Come ride with me through the veins of history...

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    Ah everytime i think of Metro Station i think of rave.
    They're a decent band, not my favorite but they have a few songs that are on my ipod. Don't really see what problem this band has, young guys, good potential and alot of female fans. I wouldn't mind being them xD.
    Small, simple, safe price.
    Rise the wake and carry me with all of my regrets.

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    lol thats true,and i agree with you,jake!

    i dont listen to them,necessarily,but i dont mind them,i think theyre talented and if they enjoy what they are doing,which im sure they do,more power to them!

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    Thnks Misfit.

    Wow lol feels like im insulting you when i say your name. lol. Cool band, just not a raver. Kinda funny how one of the singers is Miley Cyruses brother...

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