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    Default Danielle Brisebois

    Danielle Brisebois is in my opinion the best female pop artist to ever grace my ears! Her lack of mainstream success in my opinion is that she was/is way ahead of her time (she made solo music from '94 to '99). I think by working with Greg Alexander, who she also did backing vocals on under "The New Radicals, she learned to bring out a unique attitude in all of her songs. Danielle sings with sass and her pipes are impressive! Fortunately, after two c.d.s that are growing to be cult classics she's found success in songwriting. Songs and artist that she has written or co-written for are Natasha Bedingfield (Unwritten, Pocketful of Sunshine), Kelly Clarkson, Carly (Hennessy) Smithson (later of Idol fame), Donna Summer and Kylie Minogue amongst others! The stamp she leaves is obvious!

    My personal favs are:

    Just Missed the Train
    (This song has been wh***ed out so many times! This is the original and best by far)

    I've Had It (my favorite)

    Danielle Brisebois – I've Had It – Free listening at

    Promise Tomorrow Tonight (great duet with Greg Alexander)

    Rip In Heaven

    What if God Fell From the Sky

    Danielle finally has her unreleased 2nd album "Portable Life, which would be my holy grail of c.d.s in physical form, available in a digital which should give her newer ears a chance to realize her talent! Check her out for yourselves!

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    You are on a roll Bry

    She has a great voice! Good share! She has an edge I appreciate.

    One for all and all for adore !

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    From your description, she sounds great. I've never heard of her. Thanks for the tip!

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