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    I am impressed with this chick. She sound like what we listened to back in the 60's and 70's, kind of a cross between old soul/funk (with motown stacked horns) and modern 90's rock. I kinda like it. I'm wondering what others of you think about her.

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    I think Duffy's songs are amazing!

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    i sampled some songs on itunes and I thought they were pretty good but I think her voice would get annoying after awhile

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    I like is. I enjoy her voice. Like that 60s girl band vibe. Very Ronnie Spector/Dusty Springfield.
    "The only thing I knew how to do
    Was to keep on keepin' on like a bird that flew,
    Tangled up in blue." Bob Dylan

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    I think Duffy is amazing! I love her sound and her unique voice. A little jazzy never hurt anyone. If you guys like her you should check out Kreesha Turner, she has a nice Jazzy feel in some of her songs as well!

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    I'm just wondering, is the version that she released in the UK the same as the one that is out in the US? I'm from the US and I'm going through a little phase...

    hey good call on Rockferry. it's saturday morning and I'm putting together an amazon order which I believe is going to include this album. do you know if they have any imported versions yet?
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    I don't like her voice but I like the "Vintage" sound her music has.
    I admit I like the song Stepping Stone but that's it.
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    My husband likes Mercy. I laugh every single time I hear it and make sure to laugh at him when he is around.

    Метал для життя
    I found a pink cigarette/On the bed the day that you left/And how can I forget that your lips were there/Your kiss goes everywhere, touches everything/But me

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkCigarette View Post

    My husband likes Mercy. I laugh every single time I hear it and make sure to laugh at him when he is around.
    Hey it's kind of catchy. But her voice seriously ruins it.

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    It is catchy but annoying at the same time. I like to old sound she has, just don't like her music in particular. She also has a weird face. Manly.

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    She does doesn't she? Man before I was the only one I knew that thought that.

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    She didn't look like that in the Mercy music video. Camera editing does wonders doesn't it?

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    haha, yeah, I noticed that she looks better sometimes and looks like an actual girl. I saw her on an awards show and she look like her usual manly self.

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