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    I took a listen....sounds like some young musicians having lots of fun, brings back some great memories of my early days....a few tips:

    - A little more attention to tempo, the metronome is one of the greatest musical inventions ever.

    - Music gets a little self indulgent at times, seems like in some sections no one is listening to each other, only to themselves.

    - I'm not always a fan of empty guitar solos that go one forever with no background, especially when just playing monophonic melodies...the second song could use a keyboard drone at the beginning to fill the empty space.

    - A little more attention to melody, in some places it seemed like notes were put in just for the sake of putting notes in.

    Have fun, keep practicing, keep progressing...there are lots of people here more than willing to help you in your quest...I am definitely one of them.

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