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Thread: Indie Garage Rock Band from California

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    Default Indie Garage Rock Band from California

    What else can I say? People compare us to Vampire Weekend or the Strokes but check us out yourself and see what you think.

    We are the City Transit and you can find us at

    Hope you like what you hear.

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    Cool stuff! Love the energy!

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    Thank you!

    Do you have any music up, and where can I find it?

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    Nice stuff, interesting rythms! I would work more on the vocals.

    Hope it helps

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    Thanks for listening, I appreciate the input.

    We actually get that a lot about our singer.

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    You're welcome!

    How old are you guys? When I listened to the first song I thought you would be around 25 or so but then I saw some videos and you look much younger.

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    I'm 22 (play bass), our drummer is 21, singer is 19, and our guitarist is 18.

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    Hey man! I listen Weekend Charisma, i liked a lot, but the quality from the audio its not the best...
    And i think sometimes the drums muffles other istruments, especially the Vocal..
    Nice band man!
    My band!

    Representing a little from Brazil!

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