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Thread: Cold Resistance - Power Of The Eight (melodic death metal)

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    Default Cold Resistance - Power Of The Eight (melodic death metal)

    Hi guyz,
    I'm musician from Ukraine and now I'm mixing one of my projects - Cold Resistance. This will be debut album of Cold Resistance project (melodic death metal).
    I've finished all recording sessions and now totally in mixing/mastering of the material.
    I'm playing guitar, bass, performing all vocals and, also, do all mixing/mastering work alone. I hope, you can help me with good advice or just listen and write your opinion.
    Thanks a lot,
    Dmitry Gubsky

    soundclick - SoundClick artist: Dmitry Gubsky - I play/record/perform guitar/bass/vocals for a several projects and bands. My current band is Jonco
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    Hi guys, if somebody wants to tell something, don't be shy...

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