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    Hi everybody,

    Thought I'd drop a note and see if I can get some feedback from you all. I have just started my own online radio station (Radio Ella Bella) by way of frustration of listening to the same old music time and time again via corporate owned radio stations. Anyways, after a lot of work I developed a broadcast that plays music 24/7 and has fresh new content added on a daily basis from all forms of music including but not limited to Pop, Rock, Alternative, R & B, Hip Hop, A/C and finally Dance. The station will only play the very latest releases and even some content that is not released yet. Artists have addressed us to promote their material and we are always open to exceptional talent. Along with all the new material, the first 40 tracks from the Billboard hot 100 also play...but none of the tracks play repeatedly. Each play of every track has a minimum of 5 hours to elapse before it plays again. Radio Ella Bella specializes in letting people discover new music and maybe even broaden the listeners appreciation of music as a whole and enjoy another genre they might have struck from their list of favorite music.


    Please come check us out.

    Have a great day all and thanks for your time,


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    That`s interesting...I most likely won`t be a listener, I`m more of a Blues / Rock kinda guy.
    What is involved in starting a internet radio station and a ballpark start up price?

    Congrats and best of luck to you!

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    yeah youre not catering to the metal crowd, but good luck.
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    Thanks for the replies. We do have a 5pm EST segment that plays some hard rock/alternative but unfortunately do not cater to the Metal crowd. Startup fees depends on how far you want to go. If you sell any music on your site all bets are off for licensing. You can easily get by with about $300 in licensing, software and hosting fee's if you setup a shoutcast based system. With supply of new material for tracks this can range to 6k (what mine is set at due to the varied generes) to $30 a month for urban based music. Alternative/Rock and most of all Pop is expensive, trust me. Especially from the big names.

    Hope this satisfies your curiosity...if you know of friends and family that might enjoy our broadcast, simply go to our home page and click on the share button to post a radio player with our boradcast to your friends FB wall.

    Have a great day all!

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    Excuse my ignorance but is there a host site for your station?

    I appreciate the info.....Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
    Excuse my ignorance but is there a host site for your station?

    I appreciate the info.....Thanks!
    Hi Garrett,

    Our radio station is right here:

    Thanks again for your interest and have an awesome day!

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    Sounds great, I'll will be submitting to your sites email.

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