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    Origin Sacramento, California, United States
    Genres Hardcore punk, Powerviolence, Thrashcore, Crust punk, D-beat
    Years Active 2005 present
    Band Site TRASH TALK

    Trash Talk is a hardcore punk band that formed in 2005 in Sacramento, California. They combine classic hardcore punk with the aggression of its
    Along with Ceremony they are one of my favorite new hardcore punk bands.

    Studio albums
    Walking Disease (Rumble Records/Six Feet Under Records, 2006)
    Trash Talk (Trash Talk Collective, 2008)
    Eyes & Nines (Trash Talk Collective, 2010)
    Untitled Album (Trash Talk Collective, Summer 2011)

    Trash Talk 7" (Sell Our Souls, 2005)
    Split with Steel Trap (Spiderhost Pressgang, 2006)
    Plagues (Malfunction Records, 2007)
    East of Eden/Son Of A ***** (Trash Talk Collective, 2009)

    2005 demo (Sell Our Souls, 2005)

    Live albums
    Live At United Blood (Six Feet Under Records, 2008)

    Plagues... Walking Disease (Deathwish Inc./Malfunction, 2008)
    Shame (Hassle Records, UK, 2009)


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    Excellent. I love powerviolence and crust punk. They kind of sound like Yacopsae and Scholastic Deth combined
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