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    Found this band two weeks ago, they are amazing! My favorite Punk Rock band. What do you have to say about them? Your favorite song? Mine is Prayer of the Refugee.
    Top Ten Bands.

    No. 1: Skillet
    No. 2: Rise Against
    No. 3: RED
    No. 4: Disciple
    No. 5: Breaking Benjamin
    No. 6: Disturbed
    No. 7: Megadeth
    No. 8: Black Sabbath
    No. 9: Three Days Grace
    No. 10: Demon Hunter

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    Love Rise Against.....and your top 10! Havn't listened to their new CD...other than 2 radio-played songs. Their last CD.....Appeal To from start to finish. Love it! My fav song would be From Head's Unworthy.

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    I found a Rise Against cd in my truck the other day. It belonged to my wife's sister.. but it's mine now

    I remember a friend of mine from when I lived in Illinois saying he was in a video of theirs that they filmed in Chicago. Cool stuff.

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    Definitely my favourite punk band at the moment. My favourite track is Savior but I feel like every one of their songs is great.

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