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Thread: Content vs. Ability

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    Default Content vs. Ability

    What does the forum think, do you need rappers to be intelligent lyricists and have good content or is clever rhyming/flow enough to satisfy you? Personally they can rap about rims, *****es and hoes all day long if the rhymes are clever, but if the rhymes are predictable/unoriginal it's ruined. That being said strong topic in a song without intelligent rhyming is just as ridiculous.

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    I guess it depends on the kind of song. Also, if you happen to hear a rap song which isn't in your language, you base yourself on the flow obviously and how it all sounds on the beat.

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    Lets be honest. Nowadays rappers are NOT LYRICISTS. They rap about generic topics with repetitive catchphrases in attempt to "fit in". The problem is, the only hot rappers today, are the same rappers that were hot 10 years ago (Em, Jay, Jada, etc). Besides Drake and a few other newbies, hip hop's talent pool is shrinking!!!! Hip hop been dead and i dont see it changing unless we stop listenin to Rick Ross' same verse on 30 different songs. Since when does sayin "Bossssss" 30 times a song make u a lyricist?

    -Robie aka Short Temper

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    Lets be honest. Nowadays rappers are not LYRICISTS! They rap generically with comon catchphrases and unwitty lyrics. It seems as though every new artist has the same "swag" if you even wanna call it swag. When are we gunna have the next Jay, Nas, or Em? My guess is NEVER bc no one tries to break the mold. Every artist is scared to be themselves and its a damn shame. Its real sad when the few legit current rappers were the same dudes that were hot 10 years ago. Aside from Drake and a few other newbies, Im not even remotely impressed with these up and comers. Just wait till i get my chance to shine. ima change this game up :

    -Robie aka Short Temper

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    Usually people are more interested in the flow than the lyrics.

    Personally, I enjoy meaningful lyrics more than intricate flows. However, I feel like there has to be some level of skill in delivery to make it sound decent.

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    I prefer complex lyrics and themes to smoothe flows, but really its best if an artist has both. There's a local Hip-Hop group around my city called Skeleton at the Feast and they mix the two perfectly, well executed wordplay and lyrical themes that get you thinking.

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    It always has to sound good before lyrical content..

    In my signature is a link, though, to an artist that does both..! Not rap but r&b, soul, might still be up your alley.
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    I want a rap song with a message.

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    I choose style over substance; I need a good beat and the rapping/singing has to sound pleasing to my ears. Of course, the best songs have great lyrics as well but they do not need to be too complex in my opinion.

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    Substance comes first in my opinion. No matter how clever someone's wordplay or intricately they flow about how much money they have or how much swag they have, I'm not interested. It's overdone and annoying.

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    I like a rap song with fun lyrics. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just it's suitable with the melody. The singer should be great in rapping too. For me, the faster the tempo, the better the song.

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    it's all important, none more than the other. i think the main problem with hip hop these days is no one will listen to it unless it gets radio play and the only rap songs not put out by lil wayne or eminem, have to be talkin bout how much expensive s*** they own, the cars they have, flirtin with women, or it has to be a club banger with trippy beats. it's not about lyrical content anymore, it's about dancing, catchy hooks, flashy music videos, and hollywood image. i hate wayne and em now because they got away from their roots. once you get rich you should just stop rappin cuz there really is no point anymore. artists with actual talent like mos def, jadakiss, cassidy, even nas, etc. receives no air play. but i digress. you have to have strong rhyme scheme, diverse lyrical content, good flow, charisma, and you gotta be believable in your raps to be declared a good rapper.
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    i like both. it just depends on the beat fa real. if a beat is flashy and brassy.. then i like the bubble gum rap.. but not the waka flaka type.. i mean the j.cole. drake. good lyricism type. but Jay-Z is my favorite rapper. that should tell you what kind of music i like. he makes both.

    see i hear substance is important. and it is. for true hip hop heads.
    don't judge my first mixtape about substance. because i know it don't have substance.
    thats why i declared. i make this easy **** for the streets to buzz.

    butttt on that note. i am already in the works for my second mixtape..
    and it will be deeeeep. and full of substance and creative wordplay.
    my words is right on..

    my mixtape titled blow me.. i made in a week.

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