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    Ive been listening to the band for a while now and cant help feeling that they deserved more exposure than they ever got. As far as i can tell the band is more of a local legend type thing, everyone i know in Las Vegas knows them and knows them well. The band had its fairwell gig something like 3-4 months ago and im sad to say i wasnt there(i also had a gig that night...) But what can u do? The band Formed in 2004(not that long ago i know)

    Geordie Skene - Bass Guitar
    Sam O'Neil - Drums
    Nick Cole - Vox and guitar
    Morris Curell - Lead Vox and Guitar

    As for the girl singing, i couldnt tell u who she is...

    Saturday Night
    Secret Videos
    And also from what i hear the Horn players(i have no idea who they are-only because there not posted anywhere) are currently the horn players of Rx Bandits, so thats pretty damn cool

    Anything i can find, ill come back and update it Hope u all enjoy. These dudes may be young but damn they were good.
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    Local Vegas legends, huh? Why did they disband? School said they were young. Anyway, they are good. Are they considered Ska?

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    Yes their concidered ska well my definition of ska anyway. Pretty much which in includes a horn section, alot of Groove, and almost(very close but i know no cigar) have that sublime feel
    But they disbanned cuz i believe they grew apart and everyone kinda got into different bands. U know being(i believe the lead singer is 18 now lol) young means musical stylings are more than likely to change. But again, What can u do?

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    Come to Learn is my favourite out of the three! The Space Between is slowly growing on me, though =)

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    I loved Push Resistance. I think I'm going to find there albums somewhere...hrm...

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    If u cant find it lemme know and i could prolly email it to ya since they split up im not sure if there even still sellin the albums... So lemme know i dont like to deprive people of good music

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    yep, they got my respect, def gonna look them up
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