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    Fu Manchu is a Southern Californian alternative rock/stoner rock band, who released their debut single "Kept Between Trees" in 1990.
    Originally formed in 1985 as a hardcore punk band called Virulence. Their primary influences were the bands Black Flag and Bl'ast. The line up was vocalist Ken Pucci, guitarist Scott Hill, bassist Mark Abshire, and drummer Ruben Romano. In 1989 Abshire left the band and was replaced by Greg McCaughey.

    They changed their name to Fu Manchu. Soon after they released the "Kept Between Trees" 7 inch single on Slap A Ham Records. On this early recording, Fu Manchu still exhibited much of the hardcore sound established by Virulence. However, the band soon began to drift away from hardcore and towards a more 1970s hard rock style. McCaughey was not pleased with this. He thought it was following the trend that was currently going on (Grunge music becoming mainstream)

    Many of these bands were regarded as having a similar 1970s "classic rock" sound. McCaughey was replaced by Mark Abshire. Chivens also left the band around this time for unknown reasons. Rather than search for a new vocalist, Scott Hill became the lead vocalist as well as a guitarist. To compensate, Scott Votaw was recruited as lead guitarist. In 1992, Fu Manchu released three 7 inch singles: "Senioritis," "Pick Up Summer," and "Don't Bother Knockin' (If This Vans Rockin')". In 1993, Votaw left the band and was replaced by guitarist Eddie Glass. Brant Bjork left the band after their 2001 release California Crossing to pursue a solo career and was replaced by former Sunshine and Smile drummer Scott Reeder (often confused with bassist Scott Reeder, of Kyuss, Unida, and Goatsnake fame).

    The band had gained this reputation over the years due to their performance when touring with bands such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Marilyn Manson, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, and White Zombie, among others.

    One of my favorite bands around.

    Their most well known song is probably "Evil Eyes" since it was in Tony Hawk and X-Game video games.

    Check out Go For It...Live!! Sick album.

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    Thanks Mud, I am not familiar with Fu Manchu, their history reads like a soap opera just like most other bands with more than one musician in

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    Nice thread, Mud.

    Looks interesting, I'll check them out.

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    Very nice job on the thread Mud. They sound vaguely familiar.

    I Went to look up the well-known song you mentioned...not sounding familiar at all now as I listen. lol

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    Love this band. Great live shows.

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