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Thread: foundation dominance

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    Exclamation foundation dominance

    in the past four or five years, many music theorists (and myself) have noticed a trend in music. The fact that the base (no pun intended) has been havening a stronger and stronger role in music, if you look at metal in the early 80's to mid 90's you will notice a lack of bass. i have been playing bass for roughly 4 YEARS and have issues picking out the bassline to the beautiful masterpiece that is "one" by Metallica.
    how ever recently, in the past four or five years, music has taking a turn for the opposite side of the spectrum. if you where to look at metal, as an example, you would notice bigger bass notes, more upfront and "in your face". if you took a look at modern hip-hop or rap, you would notice an increased emphasis on the drum lines, the basslines, even the backup vocals. looking back even further, mid 60's to late 70's you have a similar as you do today, just as the foundation is dominate now, it was then. looking at the beetles () the beach boys, and many other popular music other than disco. bass, drums, backup vocals, rhythm guitar, and any other hoosit that wasn't in the immediate spotlight had a much bigger presence.
    just as what music is popular for the age, so is the dynamics that are popular in that said time era. i don't know the why, or if there is some government force controlling our bass/treble knobs i just wanted to point this trend out to all you following these forums, please give me any feedback you might have... sincerely yours ~ Sam Foley

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    yes i do have an issue with the not argue about that in this forum please

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    i've definitely noticed it. and everyone i've went to school with get systems in their cars and crank the bass unneedingly high. bass has definitely taken the limelight this decade.

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